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Museums and History

"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots."

- Marcus Garvey



This outdoor exhibit includes replicas of a 17th century winter house, summer house, corn crib, summer shelter, mound gardens, dugout canoe, and public art depicting elements of the Cherokee culture. The elements of the exhibit were researched and are as authentic and accurate as possible. Informational kiosks at the exhibit enable free self-guided tours at any time.


Take a step back in time with a visit to the old county jail, now home to the Clay county Historical and Arts Museum.  Learn about the lives and stories of the folks who settled in Hayesville, Clay County and the surrounding communities. With exhibits showcasing home life, town life, and more, visitors young and old will come away with a better understanding of life in the early years of our little corner of the mountains. And the kids will love locking up mom and dad in the old jail cell!



A visit to this little gem of a museum will get you up close and personal with the lives and lifestyles of some of Hayesville’s earliest residents. Many of the volunteers at the Centennial Exhibit are longtime residents of the area and are happy to answer your questions and share stories and anecdotes of times gone by.  The rooms are packed with exhibits about quilting, life on the farm, school life and Hayesville town history. Be sure not to miss the Veterans Room and take in the displays of photographs and other war time memorabilia from the Civil War forward through the years to honor generations of soldiers.

To view more photos of the life and history of Hayesville and Clay County, see 


The Clay County Communities Revitalization Association has worked tirelessly to restore this local treasure and make it once again the center of community life here in our little corner of the mountains. Now restored to its former beauty and simple elegance, the Historic Courthouse  commands a place of pride in the rich history and heritage of Clay County. In days not too distant past, the courthouse grounds served as a playground for town children while farm families came to town on Saturday to do their marketing and visit with  friends. Continuing that tradition, the ​Historic Courthouse ​grounds and Square now hosts community events such as concerts, festivals, pet celebrations, farmers markets and much more.

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